You can buy a single journey ticket from the driver on the bus. The cash fare is £2.30 for adults and £1.10 for children. The contactless fare is £2 for adults and £1 for children.

If you are a regular bus user, there are various smartcards (called AvanchiCards) which can save you money depending on how frequently you travel. Find out more about our AvanchiCards by clicking here.

If you are a visitor to the island, our Hop on Hop Off ticket is specifically designed for you. This pass allows you unlimited travel for either 1, 2, 3 or 7 days with the ability to 'Hop On' and 'Hop Off' at any stop, on any route. These passes can be purchased from the Customer Service desk at Liberation Station.

Young People's single journey fare

It is free to travel on LibertyBus for children under 5 years. Children aged 5-15 years inclusive and students in full time education pay a £1.10 cash fare or 85p fare on the AvanchiStudent Card. However, if paying cash for a student fare please note that the driver can request to see a proof of age cardOnly Avanchi Student cards are a valid form of ID when requesting a student fare at 16 and over.

Access for all

Accessibility Card: Our Accessibility Card aims to allow individuals who need additional support to travel confidently on the bus. It is completely free and there is no sign up, you can simply collect one from Customer Services at Liberation Station. More information can be found here. It is worth noting that this card does not allow for free travel.

Free travel with the AvanchiAccess card: Certain individuals may be able to claim free travel with the AvanchiAccess card. To view more information on who can qualify, click here. Or for an application form, click here.

Concessionary passes (older person's free bus pass) 

Holders of a Concessionary card issued in the Balliwick of Jersey will be carried free of charge on any service, upon production of this card.  When the card is presented, the driver will issue them with a ticket stating the journey that they are making. Unfortunately, UK Concessionary Passes are not valid in Jersey because there is no agreement between the UK and Jersey governments. However, we do have a wide range of unlimited travel passes which provide excellent value for money if you are planning to travel extensively by bus. For more information on Concessionary passes please click here.


Introducing the AvanchiCard 


Which AvanchiCard?

LibertyBus have a range of AvanchiCards to suit individual travelling needs:

N.B. The first card is free and lost or broken cards are charged at £5 thereafter. We can also ‘hot-list’ a lost or stolen card, and transfer the balance to a new card to ensure there is no loss of credit as long as you have registered your card.

How to apply for an AvanchiCard

It takes about 5 minutes to get a brand new AvanchiCard from Liberation Station. Here is the breakdown of what we need from you for each card:

Avanchi Unlimited: All you need to do is buy your first card! You can then register your card online at your own convenience (so if it is lost we can transfer the credit to a new card).

Avanchi PAYG: Pop into Liberation Station and purchase £10 of credit on a PAYG card. Again, register the card online should you wish so that if the card is lost we can transfer trips.

Avanchi Student: If you are under 16, then an email address will be required. If you are over 16, and in full time education, then a photo will be required. For more information on the Avanchi Student, click here.

If you already have an AvanchiCard Unlimited Weekly or Monthly, the top up online price for weekly top up online is £20, and Monthly top up online is £46. Please note that this will take up to 48 hours to load onto your card.